Wednesday, February 27, 2013


There are a number of pickers and diggers here in Vicksburg with whom I've dealt on such a longterm basis that they trust me, and usually will deal only with me. That trust is sacred. I am always fair when I make an offer for their goods, and I generally tell them that if they are dissatisfied with any of our transactions to just let me know and I will undo whatever deal we've made. Often I will explain why I'm offering a specific amount, and even what price I'll ask in the shop or on the internet. The result has been cordial relationships with them all.
These coins were brought in by a regular contact last week. They're not dug, but neither are they valuable. However, they are in such very good condition that they are worth collecting. 

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Rock hunters refer to "petrified" wood as "fossil" wood. They're the experts, so I guess the rest of us just have to accept that. These two pieces came from creeks right here in Vicksburg. The darker one (almost black) is apparently the rarer of the two, though the lighter piece exhibits some quartz. I've never hunted rocks, though I'd be surprised if the hobby couldn't dominate your life as much as any other. But rock hunting? That's one topic I didn't cover in my book on treasure hunting.

Monday, February 11, 2013


 This very nice small (4" tall) open pontil linament bottle was just recovered from a downtown Vicksburg creek. It's embossed "NERVE & BONE/LINAMENT,"and is in perfect condition. The pontil scar is ragged (bottle collectors love 'em), and crude mold seams are evident on opposite sides. The lip is flared and very thin. There are some dark areas in the pontil scar, possibly evidence of the use of an iron pontil, or possibly merely dirt.