Friday, November 1, 2013


Vicksburg's grand old homes produce some fine "pickings." This beautiful oil-on-canvas painting is the work of Eva Makk. It was brought to me by a local lady who was interested in selling it. Entitled "Southern Belle," it was at once one of my favorites - I fell in love with it. Now it occupies a special place in my apartment.

From the Makk Studios website (

Eva Makk - Biography

Eva Makk has been called "the world's foremost living impressionist painter". She is celebrated for graceful, light-infused compositions executed with shimmering strokes of color. She is also noted for her ability to reach the spiritual essence of her subject. Frances Maier of Southwest Art wrote of Eva Makk: "Her feelings for life are reflected in all her paintings; they express love, beauty, dignity and a gracious elegance. They are lyric poems realized visually, with a quality at once spiritual, ethereal, yet glowing with the warmth of life."

Eva Makk’s distinguished career spans more than half a century. Her work has been the focus of major public exhibitions, including U.S. Senate Rotunda (Washington, D.C.), Carnegie International Center (New York), St. Stephen Museum (Hungary) and numerous other galleries and museums in the United States, France, Spain, Austria, Switzerland, Monaco, Hungary, Brazil, Canada and Japan.

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