Wednesday, January 23, 2013


This early Steiff Teddy Bear with boot button black eyes belonged to the same family here in Vicksburg since they purchased it sometime around 1900 –1910. He had lost his ear button when I found him, but his long nose, long arms, the big hump on his back, the center seams back and front, all proved his provenance. The 10 inch bear is blond in color; rust-colored floss was used for his nose, mouth and four claws on each foot. Other than a bit of minor soiling and a small spot on one pad, the footpads are like new, without insect damage or wear. There are no loose seams or body holes, not a loose thread anywhere. All five joints are snug, and there are only a few small areas of thinning or lost hair. His growler is non-working. I sold the little fellow to a collector who was thrilled to get him. You just never know what will turn up in the homes here in this old river town.

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