Saturday, April 12, 2014


Some "treasures" you pick up around Vicksburg are so unusual that they defy explanation. This one, a plastic creation of notebook size that was, indeed, the cover of a notebook I bought along with bunches of other strange stuff, is a good example. Mapinduzi is defined as the "Revolutionary party of Tanzania," whereas Joe De Grinder is defined on one blog as:

"Joe the Grinder is the name of mythical ladies man in blues tunes who seduces the wives and sweethearts of prisoners and soldiers. He’s also known as Joe De Grinder and Joe D. Grinder. The term dates to at least 1939. Grinder is from an old slang verb, to grind, meaning to copulate."

Whatever the remainder of the terms - "Mississippi Land, Bro. P., Korea 75 - 76" - mean is anybody's guess. If you recognize any of them, please let me know.

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