Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Treasure comes in all forms!

Back in February I picked up these two little guys as they wandered along a street in downtown Vicksburg. They jumped right into my car when I opened the door, then both crowded themselves onto my lap and began licking my face. But they were filthy, and I did my best to avoid those lapping tongues. Straight to my home and my shower they went, where they were subjected to the horrors of a good bath. One had a collar with the name "Fifi," the other had no collar at all. The lighter colored was a female (in heat, of course) of poodle or shiatsu origin (I think), the other appeared to be a full-blood Cairn Terrier. They were inseparable. And they were the "lovingest" little animals you could ever meet. 

After trying for days to locate their owners I gave up the search. But I wondered: How could anyone lose such adorable little dogs, yet not care enough for them to check the local animal rescue and humane society offices to try and find them?

I was getting far too attached to the two squirts, and having two mutts of my own, I knew I had to move fast or I would have four mutts of my own. I contacted the local rescue agencies, who were too full to accept them, then visited the local humane society. There I talked with the lady in charge and made her promise to find good homes for the two, and to absolutely promise that they were not to be "put down." I gave her a $100 bill to seal the pact. When she took the two away, I felt like I'd lost two good buddies.

I checked with the humane society a week later to make sure my two pals were okay. I was told that both had been adopted. The Cairn Terrier was already settling in with his new family, and new owners were on their way from Louisiana to adopt the little female.

Treasure really does come in all forms. But I think I prefer these "living treasures" to any other kind.

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